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QBE Road Safety Campaign


In August 2018, our Year 5/6 students were invited to take part in a Road Safety film. The campaign is a QBE initiative that aims to help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities on South Australian roads, which are among the highest in Australia. 

When it comes to safer driving, it’s the little things that make a big difference. By changing one small thing about the way we drive, we create a safer driving environment for everyone.

You can help. Let’s all slow down, keep our distance and put our phones away.

To reinforce this change, a safe-driving pledge is available to download and sign. We encourage all parents to be the first to sign it and post it on the family fridge as a constant reminder to be safe.

You can find out more, watch the films and download your pledge at

“I congratulate staff and students for their excellent work in the production and greatly thank QBE and all other partners for the opportunity for the school to be involved in such an important life-long safety message.”

Peter Dunstan - Principal