Kilkenny Primary School
Challenging Powerful Learners
19 Jane Street, West Croydon SA 5008

Kilkenny Preschool

The Preschool is an integral part of Kilkenny Primary School and is staffed with a Teacher and School Service Officer. Current ratios are 1:10 (educators to children).

Enrolments in Kilkenny Preschool can vary from time to time. Sometimes this can mean that we may not have vacancies for all children who would like to attend.

Kilkenny Preschool has a catchment area and a capacity that DECD has assigned (a physical capacity for each preschool that is based on the amount of available indoor and outdoor space for children and number of accessible toilets)

All DECD sites must operate within this capacity.

Educators can provide a high quality, safe program for your child by ensuring that enrolments are maintained at a reasonable level.

Due to the high number of families wishing to enrol at Kilkenny Preschool we utilise The Inner West Partnership Priority of Access procedures.
Priority is given to enrolments that meet any of the following criteria:

Priority 1

  • Children who live within the Preschool's Priority of Access catchment area.
  • The circumstances of the child and the family, such as a child's special rights, cultural, linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Priorty 2

  • Children enrolled or siblings are enrolled at a local feeder school OR
  • Children whose siblings have previously attended the preschool previously OR
  • Children who already attend an Associated Program at the Preschool - eg: playgroup, occasional care
  • Children who are cared for by a family day care provider, childcare or other carer in the designated priority catchment area

Criteria to be decided at the decision of the Site Leader.

Families wishing to enrol their children at another Preschool, even though there is a Preschool closer to their residential address will only be offered positions if, and when, there are vacancies after all other children have been allocated a place.


Special Exceptions
Special circumstances do arise on some occasions.  The Principal has the discretion to make decisions based on these special circumstances.

If the Preschool has reached its enrolment cap, educators will not be able to enrol any more children until a vacancy arises.  Families with children who are eligible to start Preschool have the choice of putting their children on our waiting list or enrolling at a nearby Preschool with lesser numbers where your child can start straight away. (Please note: If you are placed on a waiting list the priority of access listed above will still be followed when determining the next term's enrolments).

Preschool Directors, Preschool Principals, preschool communities and educators in the Western Adelaide Regional Office have worked together to develop these processes to try and assist all families across the Western Adelaide Region to find a quality preschool program.

Please feel free to contact the Preschool educators for initial discussions. If not satisfied then follow up with the Principal or Regional Office Early Childhood Consultants to discuss these processes further.  We look forward to working with you as your child begins their important preschool year.


In 2017 children will attend either Monday and Tuesday (Group A) or Wednesday and Thursday (Group B).

An additional 4 hours once a fortnight on Friday from  8.45am to 12.45pm.  This will give each child 30 hours per fortnight.

3 year old Aboriginal children are entitled to 12 hours per week.
Children with additional needs* may start preschool early if sessions are available. This will be decided on an individual basis.
*Additional needs include disability, developmental delay, gifted development, children who are at risk because of culturally and linguisticall diverse backgrounds or family circumstance.






Group A

8.45am to 3.15pm

Group A

8.45am to 3.15pm

Group B

8.45am to 3.15pm

Group B

8.45am to 3.15pm

8.45am to 12.45pm

Group A (odd weeks of Term)

Group B (even weeks of Term)


Preschool Policies